Mathematical Works on Boole and Schröder

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Bibliography11This list contains only the works relating to the system of Boole and Schröder explained in this work.**George Boole.**: _The Mathematical Analysis of Logic_ (Cambridge and London, 1847).– _An Investigation of the Laws of Thought_ (London and Cambridge, 1854).**W. Stanley Jevons.**: _Pure Logic_ (London, 1864).– “On the Mechanical Performance of Logical Inference” (_Philosophical Transactions_, 1870).**Ernst Schroder.**: _Der Operationskreis des Logikkalkuls_ (Leipsic, 1877).– _Vorlesungen uber die Algebra der Logik_, Vol. I (1890), Vol. II (1891), Vol. III: _Algebra und Logik der Relative_ (1895) (Leipsic).12Eugen Müller has prepared a part, and is preparing more, of the publication of supplements to Vols. II and III, from the papers left by Schröder.**Alexander MacFarlane.**: _Principles of the Algebra of Logic, with **John Venn.**: _Symbolic Logic_, 1881; 2nd. ed., 1894 (London).13_Studies in Logic_ by members of the Johns Hopkins University (Boston, 1883): particularly Mrs. Ladd-Franklin, O. Mitchell and C. S. Peirce.**A. N. Whitehead.**: _A Treatise on Universal Algebra_. Vol. I (Cambridge, 1898).– “Memoir on the Algebra of Symbolic Logic” (_American Journal of Mathematics_, Vol. XXIII, 1901).**Eugen Muller.**: _Uber die Algebra der Logik: I. Die Grundlagen des Gebiete kalkuls; II. Das Eliminationsproblem und die Syllogistik;_ Programs of the Grand Ducal Gymnasium of Tauberbischofsheim (Baden), 1900, 1901 (Leipsic).**W. E. Johnson.**: “Sur la theorie des egalites logiques” (_Bibliotheque du Congres international de Philosophie_. Vol. III, _Logique et Histoire des Sciences;_ Paris, 1901).**Platon Poretsky.**: _Sept Lois fondamentales de la theorie des egalites logiques_ (Kazan, 1899).– _Quelques lois ulterieures de la theorie des egalites logiques_ (Kazan, 1902).– “Expose elementaire de la theorie des egalites logiques a deux termes” (_Revue de Metaphysique et de Morale_. Vol. VIII, 1900.)– “Theorie des egalites logiques a trois termes” (_Bibliotheque du Congres international de Philosophie_). Vol. III. (_Logique et Histoire des Sciences_). (Paris, 1901, pp. 201-233). — _Theorie des non-egalites logiques_ (Kazan, 1904). — **E. V. Huntington.**: “Sets of Independent Postulates for the Algebra of Logic”( _Transactions ofthe American Mathematical Society_, Vol. V, 1904).


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