Key Concepts in Mathematical Logic

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IndexAbsorption, Law ofAbsurdity, Type ofAddition, and multiplication, Logicaland multiplication, Modulus ofand multiplication, Theorems onLogical, not disjunctiveAffirmative propositionsAlgebra, of logic an algorithmof logic compared to mathematical algebraof thoughtAlgorithm, Algebra of logic anAlphabet of human thoughtAlternativeaffirmationEquivalence of an implicationand anAntecedentAristotleAssertion, Principle ofAssertions, Number of possibleAxiomsBaldwinBooleProblem ofBryan, William JenningsCalculus, InfinitesimalLogical_ratiosinator_Cantor, GeorgCategorical syllogismCauseCauses, Forms ofLaw ofSixteenTable ofCharactersClasses, Calculus ofClassification of dichotomyCommutativityComposition, Principle ofConcepts, Calculus ofConditionNecessary and sufficientNecessary but not sufficientof impossibility and indetermination_Connaissances_ConsequenceConsequences, Forms ofLaw ofof the syllogismSixteenTable ofConsequentConstituentsProperties ofContradiction, Principle ofContradictory propositionstermsContraposition, Law ofPrinciple ofCounci, Members ofCouturat, vDedekindDedekindDeductionPrinciple ofDefinition, Theory ofDe MorganFormulas ofDescartesDevelopmentLaw ofof logical functionsof mathematicsof symbolic logicDiagrams of Venn, GeometricalDichotomy, Classification ofDisjunctive, Logical addition notsumsDistributive lawDouble inclusionexpressed by an indeterminateNegative of theDouble negationDuality, Law ofEconomy of mental effortElimination of known termsof middle termsof unknownsResultant ofRule for resultant ofEqualities, Formulas for transforming inclusions intoReduction of inequalities toEquality a primitive ideaDefinition ofNotion of Equation , and an inequationThrowing into an Equation s, Solution ofExcluded middle, Principle ofExclusion, Principle ofExclusive, MutuallyExistence, Postulate ofExhaustion, Principle ofExhaustive, CollectivelyForms, Law ofof consequences and causesFregeSymbolism ofFunctionsDevelopment of logicalIntegralLimits ofLogicalof variablesProperties of developedPropositionalSums and products ofValues ofHôpital, Marquis de l’Huntington, E. VHypothesisHypothetical argumentsreasoningsyllogismIdeas, Simple and complexIdentityPrinciple ofType ofIdeographyImplicationand an alternative, Equivalenceof anRelations ofImportation and exportation, LawofImpossibility, Condition ofInclusiona primitive ideaDoubleexpressed by an indeterminateNegative of the doubleRelation ofInclusions into equalities, Formulasfor transformingIndeterminateInclusion expressed by anIndeterminationCondition ofInequalities, to equalities, ReductionofTransformation of non-inclusionsandInequation, Equation and anSolution of anInfinitesimal calculus Integral function Interpretations of the calculus Jevons Logical piano of Johnson, W. E Known terms (_connaissances_) Ladd-Franklin, Mrs Lambert Leibniz Limits of a function MacColl MacFarlane, Alexander Mathematical function logic Mathematics Philosophy a universal Maxima of discourse Middle, Principle of excluded interms, Elimination of Minima of discourse Mitchell, O Modulus of addition and multiplication Modus ponens Modus tollens Muller, Eugen Multiplication See _s. v._ “Addition.” Negation defined Double Duality not derived from Negative of the double inclusion propositions Non-inclusions and inequalities, Transformation of Notation Null-class Number of possible assertions One, Definition of, Particular propositions, Peano, Peirce, C. S., Philosophy a universal mathematics, Piano of Jevons, Logical, Poretsky, Formula of, Method of, Predicate, Premise, Primary proposition, Primitive idea, Equality a, Inclusion a, Product, Logical, Propositions, Calculus of, Contradictory, Formulas peculiar to the calculus of, lus of, Implication between, reduced to lower orders, Universal and particular, Reciprocal, _Reductio ad absurdum_, Reduction, Principle of, Relations, Logic of, Relatives, Logic of, Resultant of elimination, Rule for, Russell, B